Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 8 - 3rd May - The Galilee

This afternoon we climbed the Arbel - a mountain on the north-western side of the Sea of Galilee. We sat and looked down from this great height and from here we could see where Jesus walked, taught and performed his miracles. Behind us was the town of Cana; away to the left (out of picture) was Nazareth; in the bottom left corner of the photo is the edge of Migdal - modern Magdala; the big village in the centre is the Nof Ginosar kibbutz - where we are staying - in Jesus time it was a small fishing village; if you follow the line of the lake north and then round the bay to the east, in the bay on the far side you can see what is a white church with a red roof - the mount of the Beatitudes; follow the shoreline on to the next bay, on the far side of that bay is Capernaum.
Luke 6:12 (only one of a number of texts) tells us of Jesus climbing a mountainside to pray. Could this be the place He came to, the place where He prayed, the place where He looked down on the people and villages He loved?

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