Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 9 - 4th May - Caperneum

Just a short blog tonight as the pace is quite exhausting!
This morning we climbed down the Mount of the Beatitudes, before driving to Caperneum, walking through the synagogue and spending half an hour of silent reflection sitting on the shore of Galilee. In the afternoon we visited the "Jesus boat" - the conserved wooden fishing boat found in deep mud off Genneseret dated to the time of Jesus. This evening before supper had a (freezing) swim in the Sea of Galilee.

This picture is of the ruins of the synagogue in Caperneum. These ruins are from about 100AD and are Roman. The synagogue that Jesus knew is under these present ruins, in fact the earlier synagogue was used as the foundation for the new one.
There is no doubt that Jesus voice was heard here as he read the scriptures and taught.

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